# Dynamic Faceting

Google Cloud's Retail API dynamic faceting is a fancy way of saying, "smart filters that learn from your users."

As an example, imagine you have a large store with thousands of items:

  • Dynamic faceting is like a helpful assistant who learns what you like by watching you shop. The more you click on things and browse certain areas, the better the assistant gets at showing you similar items in the future.
  • Instead of listing every single attribute of every item (size, color, brand, etc.), the assistant shows you the most relevant options based on what other users have liked before. This makes finding what you want faster and easier.
  • For the assistant to work best, you need to give it good clues. That means sending accurate information about your searches, categories you browse, and filters you use. The more data it has, the smarter it becomes.

Retail Cloud Connect is built to collect all of this data and help you return AI-powered dynamic facets on your website.

Dynamic faceting can be enabled on Search and Browse serving configurations:

Select "Yes" on Enable dynamic facets to activate Dynamic Faceting
Select "Yes" on Enable dynamic facets to activate Dynamic Faceting