# Shopify App

Retail Cloud Connect is a fully-managed solution that connects Shopify stores directly to the Google Cloud Retail API that powers the Vertex AI retail solutions.

# Primary Benefits for Merchants

  • Enable Google Cloud Vertex AI Retail Search and Recommendations AI with one app
  • Maintain full control of your organization's data and merchandising settings in Google Cloud
  • Simplify merchandising efforts by adding AI-powered sorting to collection or category pages
  • Install functionality quickly on existing Shopify Online Store 2.0 themes using App Blocks
  • Leverage Nimstrata's pre-built CSS classes to customize the App Blocks to match your branding

# Additional Details

  • This Shopify App is responsible for importing your catalog data to Google Cloud and serving results on your storefront
  • You are provided with immediate access to Google’s new features and functionality
  • You have full access to the underlying Google Cloud environment (including support)
  • There is no infrastructure for you to manage