Google Cloud Retail Search & Recommendations AI

Product Discovery AI Impementations

Nimstrata builds custom integrations to help you modernize your website’s search functionality and drive new, substantial revenue from AI-powered product search and recommendations.

Why Nimstrata?

Google's Product Discovery AI products are publicly available, you don't need us to use them. So why work with us?

  • It's Our Whole Business. Nimstrata was founded to build the tools and services required to implement Discovery AI.
  • Deep Engineering Expertise. Google's Retail API is powerful, but complex. We're seasoned developers who embrace the challenge so you don't have to.
  • Founded by Googlers. Nimstrata was founded by former Google engineers who know the platform inside and out.
  • Discovery AI Expertise. Our expertise augments your team and drastically reduces the time to value.

Typically followed by a Discovery AI Workshop, our implementations focus on getting the most out of Google Cloud's Product Discovery AI tools on your storefront.

If you don't already have a business case from a Discovery AI Workshop, we start by building a business case with you to ensure that this solution will help your bottom line.

Together, we determine what a meaningful uplift in top-line revenue would be required to make a project worthwhile.

Workshops & Trainings

Everything we do includes a “train the trainer” component. Unlike most consulting firms, we don't want the work that you can do yourselves. We see the most value in helping our customers become the subject matter experts within their own organizations. When our customers and their teams embrace a growth mindset, their Product Discovery AI projects quickly transition into an innovative opportunity.

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