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Agency Partnerships

“We always need to find new ways to help our customers increase sales, and Nimstrata made it easy to improve revenue from search overnight.”

Owner, Global Shopify Agency

Bring the best AI-powered product discovery solutions to your customers at scale.

The Nimstrata Innovation Network was built to help forward-thinking marketing and ecommerce agencies add tangible value to their customer's online storefronts.

Network Benefits Include

  • Early access to new features
  • Volume-based pricing discounts
  • Specialized onboarding training

Our Engineering Prowess + Your Ecommerce Expertise

Help your ecommerce customers add Google Cloud Discovery AI to their online storefronts with the power of a certified Google Partner behind you. Our no-code technology solutions help you focus on your business without sacrificing features.

Fully-Managed Technology

Nimstrata is responsible for the reliability and uptime of a premium, low-latency technology solution for your clients.

Premium Experiences

Our team is available to help onboard your customers, prove value, and meet shared goals hand-in-hand with your team.

Joint Ideation & Innovation

The best ideas come from our partners and customers, and we work with you to prioritize the features you need to succeed.

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