About Us

We're a boutique software company made up of Google Cloud engineers and architects who are passionate about bringing the best product discovery solutions to online storefronts.

Interested in Joining Us?

The founding team.

Google Cloud Certified Partner

We maintain the highest standards of Google Cloud expertise and continue to build deep and wide knowledge of the evolving platform.

Mission & Principles

We build and maintain enterprise solutions so ecommerce merchants can use Google Cloud's Vertex AI product discovery solutions. Here's how we do it:

Always be improving
Gather feedback early and often

We're alwasys asking ourselves and our customers, "What can we be doing better?"

Take responsibility
Own our successes and mistakes

We aim to take all the blame and distribute all the praise on every project.

Be intentional
We're not for everyone

We turn down engagements that are not a good fit and charge fair rates.

Get to production
Go live without a hitch

We're always perfecting our onboarding processeses to ensure smooth deliveries to production.

Build small teams
Let the builders build

We assemble teams of smart people, give them well-articulated objectives, and let them get to work.

Always be communicating
Leave no unanswered questions

Good project management is good communication. We define waterfall and build agile.

Meet the Founders

Nimstrata comes from the word “nimbostratus.”

Nimbostratus clouds are responsible for the powdery snow in Utah where Jason and Sebastian first met.

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