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We put the best search algorithms in the world on Shopify stores.

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Google Cloud Vertex AI Search & Recommendations

The most powerful tools ever created for online retailers.

  • Product discovery powered by Google search
  • Highly personalized results for every visitor
  • Increased revenue and conversions in days

Proven Results

Compared to leading solutions, you could see:

Search Relevance
Search Revenue
Search Conversion Rate

A/B test results from an apparel brand against a leading Shopify search and discovery app.

How much revenue would this mean for your store?

Seamless Connectivity to Google Cloud, you control all of your data

App Blocks drop in to your existing themes, no code required

Real-Time Updates ensure accurate inventory and pricing

Custom AI Algorithms always optimize for revenue and conversions

Shopify App Blocks
Google Discovery AI

Collection Page app blocks embrace smart merchandising, using AI to show products in the right place, to the right users, at the right time

AI-Powered Data Enrichment imports your catalog with no missing pieces

Blazing Fast Results powered by global infrastructure, all located near Shopify’s servers in Google Cloud data centers

Full Compatibility with leading apps to import reviews and other product data seamlessly

Premium Guided Onboarding to help you create a fully custom, branded shopping experience

Improve SEO and search relevance with data quality suggestions in the Google Cloud Console

A/B Test Vertex AI Models to understand which recommendations types drive the best results

It only gets better from here.

The sooner you start, the sooner you can raise the bar – Google Cloud never sleeps, relentlessly training your algorithms around the clock.

Ready to drive more revenue from Product Search & Discovery?

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