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Google Cloud Discovery AI for RetailBuilt for Shopify

How's this for better search?

When testing against a leading search and discovery solution, you can expect:

Proven Results

Search Relevance
Search Revenue
Search Conversion Rate

A/B test results from an apparel brand against a leading Shopify search and discovery app.

How much revenue would this mean for your store?

Originally available for Shopify Commerce Components customers,
Nimstrata Search & Discovery brings Google Cloud Discovery AI to all Shopify retailers.

"Google Cloud’s integration with Shopify enables brands to quickly deploy the power of AI. By making it easier for retailers to create best-in-class product discovery experiences, shoppers can now find exactly what they want faster."

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Thomas Kurian Headshot
Thomas Kurian
CEO of Google Cloud

AI Models Trained & Tuned With Your Traffic

Google Cloud's Recommendations AI models are always learning from customer browsing data on your Shopify storefront.

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Retail Cloud Connect App Pixel on Shopify
End-to-End Platform
One app to connect Shopify to Google Cloud Discovery AI

Nimstrata has automated real-time Shopify catalog syncing so you can focus on growing your ecommerce business.

Usage-Based Pricing
Pay for what you use with a pricing plan for every business

We’ll never ask for a percentage of your revenue. Simply pick a plan based on your SKU count, support requirements, and markets.

Enterprise Infrastructure
The most important part of your website can’t go down

Retail Cloud Connect has been built with best-in-class cloud architecture patterns to ensure seamless scaling every day of the week.

AI-Powered Merchandising
Serve the best results on category and collection pages

App Blocks can be installed on Shopify collection pages and deliver the results that are most likely to convert.

Direct Connection to Google
We believe that your catalog data belongs to you

Our app simply facilitates moving data in and out of Google Cloud’s Retail API - we do not white label or resell Google Cloud Discovery AI.

Native Integrations
We build with compatibility for leading apps in mind

If you have other best-in-class Shopify apps that configure your catalog metadata, you can likely integrate them seamlessly.

Retail Cloud Connect App Pixel on Shopify

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Learn about Nimstrata's custom development services and Hydrogen's headless commerce code for our APIs.

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