Retail Cloud Connect Pricing

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Choose from one of our existing plans

$99/month + serving

Plan features:

Up to 15,000 SKUs
One catalog for all markets
Standard onboarding
Live chat and email support
$499/month + serving

Plan features:

Up to 150,000 SKUs
Three catalogs for all markets
Fully guided onboarding
Standard support
Enterprise Package

Plan features:

150,000+ SKUs
Up to ten catalogs for all markets
Fully managed onboarding
Premium support

All plans include:

Localized translations and currencies
Direct connection to Google Cloud
Full access to all Retail API features
Low-latency global serving infrastructure
Real-time inventory and pricing updates
Live user event ingestion
Data cleanup and enrichment

Serving costs:

$0.50 per 1,000 search and browse
$0.05 per 1,000 recommendations

Or, get a purpose-built plan for your store

Custom Plans

Starting at

$149/month + serving

Choose exactly what you need:

Pricing based on SKUs, markets, and traffic
Custom onboarding and theme matching
Google Cloud environment management
Dedicated Slack channel and A/B test setup

Estimate Total Costs & Revenue Uplift

Merchant Inputs

Enter your Shopify store details to estimate the costs and uplift you can expect.

Our Assumptions

Google Cloud list pricing

50% of visitors visit a search or collection page

80% of visitors are presented with a recommendation

$500 to maintain one Vertex AI Google Cloud model

23% conversion increase with search, browse, and recs

14% conversion increase with search & browse only

Our assumptions are based on industry averages and may vary based on your store's catalog and traffic.

Estimated Costs

Retail API FeatureEst. VolumeNimstrataGoogle
Search & Browse300,000$150$750
Total Monthly Cost
Additional Monthly Revenue

Our Approach to Pricing: Be Radically Transparent

We believe transparency helps potential customers make informed decisions when evaluating our solution.

Additional Included Features

All plans include seamless connectivity from Shopify to Google Cloud on fully managed global infrastructure.

AI-Powered Autocomplete

We don't charge for autocomplete requests via our APIs. Suggested terms stay current based on user feedback.

Unlimited Product Attributes

Import your custom product data from your Shopify store to ensure seamless faceting, ordering, and filtering.

Test & Development Stores

Install Retail Cloud Connect on as many development or test stores as you want and only pay for production traffic.

Real-Time User Events

Collect Shopify analytics send them back to the AI models for continuous improvement and optimizations.

Simple Theme Installation

Add our widgets to your Online Store 2.0 themes in minutes with easy-to-install App Blocks and simple configurations.

Smart Merchandising

Go beyond serving search and recommendations and serve AI-delivered results on your Shopify collection pages.

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