Enterprise Retailers

See why Shopify's largest retailers use Nimstrata to enable Google Cloud Vertex AI Search for Retail.

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Unified Cloud Experience

We've co-located our infrastructure to ensure unparalleled reliability and speed, ultimately reducing the physical distance and latency between Shopify, Google, and Nimstrata APIs. This strategic deployment enables a seamless product discovery experience around the world.

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Light-Speed Results

Our serving architecture was designed from the ground up to be as fast as possible and ensure that retailers of all sizes can retrieve search, browse, and recommendations quickly and reliably at all times of day, regardless of the shopping season or irregularities in site traffic.

We understand that our solutions quickly become a crucial part of our customers' ability to generate revenue and we take that responsibility seriously.

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One Solution, Every Use Case

Build vs. Buy

Connecting Shopify to Google Cloud can be accomplished with a custom integration or with Retail Cloud Connect.

Time to ValueBuilding a Custom Integration: 6 to 8 MonthsUsing Retail Cloud Connect: 6 to 8 Days
Theme InstallationBuilding a Custom Integration: Build custom page templates, filters, and pagination to return productsUsing Retail Cloud Connect: Install App Blocks onto theme and customize CSS to match branding, or leverage our APIs
Serving InfrastructureBuilding a Custom Integration: Build and maintain a self-hosted service to proxy requests to Google’s Retail APIUsing Retail Cloud Connect: Use fully-managed global infrastructure that scales with your traffic automatically
Catalog SyncingBuilding a Custom Integration: Build and maintain specialized ETL imports and determine real-time update feasibilityUsing Retail Cloud Connect: Real-time sync with full flexibility for metafields, custom attributes, and product filtering
Data EnrichmentBuilding a Custom Integration: Audit existing catalog data to understand inconsistencies and fix individual itemsUsing Retail Cloud Connect: Leverage proprietary data cleanup methods that automatically normalize and enrich data
User EventsBuilding a Custom Integration: Build and maintain event proxy to track user behavior and cart interactions across ShopifyUsing Retail Cloud Connect: Install Shopify App Embed and Shopify App Pixel with one click and collect events on day one
ReportingBuilding a Custom Integration: Export Retail API analytics data into BigQuery and generate custom SQL reportsUsing Retail Cloud Connect: Leverage pre-built dashboards to see search performance and improvement opportunities
Product UpdatesBuilding a Custom Integration: Revisit custom integration as Google Cloud and Shopify release new featuresUsing Retail Cloud Connect: Get free, automatic lifetime updates and get access to new features immediately
Ongoing CostsBuilding a Custom Integration: Infrastructure and employee overheadUsing Retail Cloud Connect: Platform fee and usage-based metering

The Best Search for the Best Brands

Learn how Google Cloud delivers best-in-class product discovery experiences for the world's largest retailers.

Volume-Based Tiered Pricing
Economical TCO with Proven ROI

Each of our enterprise customers receives a custom pricing plan that reflects catalog size, user traffic, and support requirements.

No Catalog Too Large
Millions of SKUs Processed Daily

Our customers come in all shapes and sizes, but one thing remains the same: We simplify catalog complexity at scale.

Nimstrata Customer Success
Our Expertise in Your Environment

Our managed services team can become an extension of your ecommerce organization to maximize your Vertex AI investment.

All Within a Dedicated Commerce Ecosystem

“At Google Cloud, we continually improve our products and APIs to drive innovation for our customers. These APIs aim to build on the mutual trust with our customers necessary for long-term investments. We want our customers to have the assurances they need to build creative new applications on top of our best-in-class infrastructure, using our innovative services and tools.”

Enterprise API Commitment

“Shopify is the enterprise commerce operating system for immediate success and future resilience. Designed to optimize resources and maximize returns, it keeps you ahead of shifting customer needs, amplifies your development team's impact, and helps you outsmart competitors instead of outspending them.”

Enterprise Strategy

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