# Getting Started on Shopify

# Nimstrata Search & Discovery

# Install App

  1. Sign in to your Shopify store account
  2. Visit the Nimstrata Search & Discovery listing on the Shopify App Store, then click Install
  3. Review app privacy and permission details, then click Install app

# Sign in to Nimstrata

  1. Click Connect Nimstrata Account and create or sign in to a Nimstrata account
  2. Confirm the account and email address is correct, or click Switch Account

# Create or Select Retailer

  1. Choose a name for your Retailer, typically the name of your company or organization, then click Create Retailer
  2. If you already have access to one or more Retailers, select the existing Retailer and click Continue

# Google Cloud

# Sign in to Google Cloud

  1. Click Sign in to Google Cloud and attempt to sign in to an account in the new popup window
  2. If you were able to sign in to Google Cloud, click Continue Setup
  3. If you were unable to sign in to Google Cloud, click Create Account

# Google Cloud Project Setup

  1. Follow the six steps to create a Google Cloud project, enable the Retail API, and grant Nimstrata access to the project
  2. After you have completed all six steps, click Verify Connection

# Billing Plan

  1. Select a Nimstrata Billing Plan or click Continue to the Dashboard
  2. Each Nimstrata Billing Plan includes a 14-day free trial, but the app can be configured without it